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"Думаю, если поёшь о Сатане, - то ты серьёзен, и не совсем уместно ходить по сцене с улыбкой"

Йохан Хегг

Once Sealed In Blood

It's five years since I left this land

Since I left my friends to burn

Five years making bitter plans

Preparing my return

All this time my hatred's grown

The one thing on my mind

The hate in me is all I've known

The one thing keeping me alive

Bold words spreads across the land

Bragging tongues speak carelessly

Know they not what is to come

I'll hunt them down restlessly

The oath I swore, once sealed in blood

A seal between loyal friends

I swore before ancient Gods

I will have revenge

I swore! Before my Gods!

An oath! Once sealed in blood

Now here I stand in pouring rain

As he comes riding down the path

He will learn the emaning of pain

As subject to my endless wrath

He will be the first to pay

For the bragging words he spoke

He'll regret that fateful day

My friends perished in smoke

I swore! Before my Gods!

An oath! Once sealed in blood

So here I stand on the road

With cold steel in my hand

As he looks into my unforgiving soul

His tears begins to run

One man down 29 to go

Consider yourselves warned

I'm coming for the rest of you

And will have no remorse

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