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"Часто я прибавляю к основной теме кое-какие новые элементы, используя исторические темы и метафоры для того, чтобы высказать своё мнение по различным философским темам"

Йохан Хегг

The Sound Of Eight Hooves

He's running through the woods so black

A loyal servant of christ

Dogs are barking down his back

He's running for his life

He came with words of love and peace

These heathens had to be saved

He thought that he could make them see

Instead he was enslaved

In captivity he spoke of god

To all he met he preached

But when his master's patience ran out

He knew he had to flee

Tears are running down his cheeks

As he sobbign realizes

That in this land his god is weak

And today he's going to die

He stumbles out onto an open field

Where an old oak tree grows

In the branches hang men of three

Dressed in preacher robes

His knees refuse to carry him on

Terror shines in his eyes

His faith in christ is almost gone

His god's left him to die

Below the dead he says his prayers

To the god he thought was alive

When he hears a calm voice say:


As his breath leaves his eyes open wide

A bright light comes from above

He greets this light with a smile

And thinks: "There is a God"

The sound of eight hooves reaches his ears

Comes from the heavenly light

Two wolves' howls fill his heart with fear

And he sees two ravens fly

Down from the sky a warlord rides

Like fire his one eye glows

And just before the preacher dies

He knows his god is false

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