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"Большую часть времени я пьян, я пьян почти всегда… "

Йохан Хегг

A Fury Divine

Death is drawing near

I know it's true but I have no fear

I know I can't escape my...

FATE! Turns it's deadly wheel

Judgement day is closing in but still I cannot feel...

REMORSE! Is for the weak

I stand silent while they speak, their accusations are all...

LIES! Spread by preaching men

I'm on trial for being who I am

And praising the Gods of my native land

I will stand firm, I refuse to kneel

The fury in me is divine

My dark grave awaits, my fate is revealed

But I'm not afraid to die

Death! The day to die is here

The sun rides high on the northern sphere

And the executioner sharpens his...

Axe! Shines in the sun

I smile when they tie me down

And hear the sound of the falling blade

Death! Sweet death, relieve me from this world

Death! Sweet death, relieve me, relieve...

So death finally came to him

The pagan man could not be turned

He faced death with a grin

Now his head rests in the dust

The proud man stood firm, he refused to kneel

Tehn fury in him was divine

Now he is dead, his fate has been sealed

He's brought to Golden Hall up high

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