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"В своих песнях я никого ни к чему не призываю, и, по большому счету, мне совершенно наплевать, как это воспримут те, кто увидит, услышит или прочитает мой текст. Когда я пишу, я выплескиваю свои чувства, свое отношение… и больше ничего! Это не штамп, не инструкция к действию, это не более, чем переживания одной отдельно взятой личности"

Йохан Хегг

Bastards Of A Lying Breed

Bastards of a lying breed

You've ruled us for too long

Truth to you are lies to me

And your right is so wrong

Moral preached by immoral fucks

All I feel is despise

Lie no more you fucking cunts

You tare me up inside

Your sons die from your abuse

But you're giving us the blame

The easy path's the one you choose

That road will lead to pain

You're trying to control their mind

And strip them of free will

They way you force them to go blind

Will surely get them killed

My mind is free and so is my soul

You can't put me in chains

I won't play the well-adjusted role

Or bow my head in shame

So throw your stones of guilt at me

Point your finger, Curse my name!

Your scapegoat I will never be

I won't take the blame!

Now we're on trial to serve your crime

And pay for your mistakes

There is no way we'll do the time

The chains of lies will break

Censorship can't stop our truth

We speak straight from the heart

There is nothing you can do

We'll tare your souls apart

So see us rise we're few but strong

We'll crack your fucking teeth

And feed you with your twisted tongue

Until you cannot breathe

The fury makes our eyes see red

It burns within our hearts

Soon you'll all be stone cold dead

We'll tare your souls apart!

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