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"Тема викингов, как и они сами – очень крутая, и при правильном подходе к этой тематике – в ней можно найти немало веселья. Хотя, как я и говорил раньше, большинство из того, о чём пишу я – трагично и связано с личными переживаниями"

Йохан Хегг

Releasing Surtur's Fire

He's riding down 'cross a field but nothing is the same

This place he knew as Hammerfest

When the old Gods reigned

The army of demons rides

By his side with weapons drawn

Today is the day

When Ragnarцk will be spawned

There lies the mountain where the temple once stood

Where eons ago he arose to spill their christian blood

Stuck in the rock is a golden ring

That yet noone's dared to touch

The legend has it it's where the Crusher once struck

He pulls the hammer from the mountain's grip

The sign for demons to attack

He's been called upon to arise and he won't spare a single life

No, Thor (won't) spare a single soul, nor let them get away alive

They strike down on the world with overwhelming force

All resistance is brutally crushed, crushed without remorse

Dark angels descend to join the bloodfight

The slaughter brings them on, see Odin's Valkyries ride

The battle of Midgеrd is almost won

And the thousand years of tyranny will be forever gone

Soon a new world will be born rising from the Sea

Where Asagods again shall reign and humans will be free

He rides once more upon the black mountain of doom

Holding firm the Crusher of giants' bones

He lets the hammer strike, now everything will burn

As Surtur's fire is released upon the world

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