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"Я, вообще-то, надеюсь увидеть однажды мир без всякой религии. Это - то, что принесло бы человечеству больше всего пользы"

Йохан Хегг


Wrath, hate, pain and death

The code we live by

It's in our souls

Metal is the way

We fight the world

With glowing metal

Now the falses will pay

Our fight has just begun

We're sent from hall of gold

Messengers of death

We're coming after you

You can't escape us

We'll take away your breath

See us ride for vengeance

Friends of the suncross

We are born of steel

See us ride down

The Amon Amarth

The last sight you'll ever see

So as you stand there

Under grayclouded skies

Abandoned by your god

You know you're gonna die

You feel a sorrow

Surrounding you

As of the nine worlds

Screaming pain you feel

Your soul vaporizes

As your hearts burst

We charge without fear

Your time has come

Your Fimbul winter's arrived

A chilling wind of ice

Whirls through your heart

Pierces your bones and spine

We are all

Gazing to the skies

We'll make the false hammer fall

And we'll make Thor arise

Our quest is done

Your creation burns

Now we return to Oden's hall

Our dragon's fly Across the waves

As twilight begins to fall

In victory we ride

We enter the mighty doors

Of the spear-god's hall

As Ygg salutes us

We raise our beers

And drink in honor of our cause

We are all

Greeted by the Gods

We made the false hammer fall

And Thor arose in blood

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