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"Христиане меня бесят, и молчать по этому поводу не могу"

Йохан Хегг


My pale face face glows in the light of fire

My hollow eyes see but cannot see

I stare deep into the glowing inferno

The loss I feel is breaking me

I heard their screams

Through flaming walls

Walls, I could not tear down

I could not help them

Helplessly I watched my life go up in flames

I pull the sword from the glowing fire

And hammer-beat in on the anvil

Forging it with rage and hate

I will seal my enemy's fate

I ingrave the blade with magic runes

And summon Gods by sacrifice in blood

Pure blue hate shines within this sword

his magic sword will cut only once

No sword has ever been like this one

The Avenger is its name

Now my sworn enemy

Vengeance will belong to me

A year has gone by

Now my sworn enemy

It's your turn to die

It's your turn to die!

The sword cuts through his throat

His head tumbles to the ground

The headless body lays gently down

Down to sleep in a pool of blood

The Avenger has lost its shine

The magic is now drained

Dull and useless it rests in my hand

Its purpose is soon fulfilled

Now hate is gone but emptiness remains

So I turn the blade around

And run it through my stomach veins

And I fall to the ground

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