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"Как бы там ни было, а если я обращаюсь к шведскому материалу в своей лирике, то это, как правило, историческое наследие, а не мифологическое"

Йохан Хегг

The Last With Pagan Blood

We storm ahead with swords'n shields

For victory we ride

We fight the world on these battlefields

To re-erect the pagan pride

We draw the blood of those in our way

It's 'victory or die

With pounding, raging fury we slay

Now christian hounds will pay

Charge ahead, no retreat

No merca, noone shall live

To us there is no defeat

No remorse to give

A wind of power blows from the north

The enemy shivers to the core

We slay with strength, pushing forth

Silence before the storm

The gates of Valhall open up

The ground beneath us shakes

As Oden leads the Gods to war

The Rainbow Bridge cracks

Nothing can stop this final attack

We carve up all in our path

Now there is no turning back

Final battle is here at last

A feast awaits us when we get back

Awaiting all that fought in wrath

By the long fires we sit in glory

Ande beer cools our soar throats

We are few but strong in will

The last with pagan blood

We fought the world with burning steel

Now we sit in Hall of Gods

Pride and glory in our hearts

Pride and glory in our hearts

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