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Йохан Хегг

For Victory Or Death


has come to wash our shame away

to erase the image of defeat


have licked our wounds,restored our strength

and our vengeance will be oh so sweet

They thought they had us down

that we'd never rise again

they will learn that they were deadly wrong

what's owed will be repaid

Again we'll feed the wolves

and then vengeance will be ours

we'll split their skulls and spill their guts

upon the frozen ground

Yeah,we'll never kneel again

not to deity nor men

now they'll taste our bitter hate

what's owed will be repaid

So raise the flag once more

and the eagle will be fed

once again we march to war

for victory or death

They arrived with talk of hvitekrist

by force they wanted us to kneel

with their swords held to our throats they preached

but we will make them pay we'll take their lives away

So Raise!

raise the flag once more

in the east the eagle will be fed


again we march to war

we will march for victory or death


the pain and suffering

is but a bleak and distant fading dream


our disgrace; a withering thought

finally our names will be redeemed

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